How to disable auto approach


Is it an option to disabel auto approach cointainer for example?
I mean this option when I click the open box to loot wreck or container and it’s out of my range. then my ship will auto approach to it. It’s annoying.

Thank you.

Try not opening the container when you’re not in range.

Sounds like you’re having a problem because of macro or bot usage.

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No. Sorry I can’t help more than that

Hehe, no I’m new player and I use tractor beam to grab the wrecks from battlefield. And i allign my shipt to the wreck which is not in my range and when I try to open a cargo my ship change course, so I need to click again approach the wreck. It’s just annoying, thats why I asking if there is an option to disbale it. Nothing more.

Have you tried using an MTU yet?

An MTU - Mobile Tractor Unit - will tractor in wrecks and loot their content. All the (empty) wrecks will gather around the MTU and you can salvage them with a Salvager module easily. The loot will be inside the MTU and you can move it all at once over into your ship.

A Noctis can be used, too, for this job. It gets bonuses to tractor range and salvaging.

Sure i know what it is, but it’s cost ~6mil, I do missions lvl 3, so it’s pointless. I like to fly my ship around and to such thing. I played EVE in the past, few years ago and I don’t have such issue’s :slight_smile:

So as I understand I can’t switch it off. An no one has the same problem as I have, so I need to live with this :wink:

The distance when I can open the cargo in space i less then 3000m right?

Whitehound, the MTU will I be able to use it again and again? I though i can deploy it once, and that’s it. Another issue is that the missions has limited time to do them, and also few hours to get bonus.

It’s 2500m.

Instead of fighting it, try to use it. What I then do when I’m in such a situation is to look at the wrecks in space, imagine a flight path, and simply wing it: select open, let the ship fly to it, once the loot opens, select open on another wreck, and while the ship turns but is still in range of the loot, quickly press the loot button, and carry on to the next.


Ok, maybe I will try :slight_smile: It will save some time and I will be able do the next mission. Thank you for help.

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Correct, right click, scoop to cargo.

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You can scoop mtu to cargo hold after using it. Just remember to bookmark it after deploying - in case you dc or forget to scoop.

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Ctrl-spacebar will stop your ship. But moving towards something you double click on or open is a feature not a bug.

Take an MTU along with any missiles you need, drop and save MTU. Each time you kill, the MTU will grab the wrecks and pull them in as you are fighting. Makes it great when you have multiple rooms to go to. Drop an MTU in each one. When you go back to salvage (if you are omega and have the noctis) everything will be bundled together as @Whitehound mentioned, and you’ll make salvaging a breeze, and still save on time for the mission.

when you are aligned to your out gate and have a tractor beam on the wreck/can you want to loot and you click on it at 2501m is one of the greatest minor annoyances I’ve had in eve

And Lv3 wrecks are barely going to be worth anything, I wouldn’t bother looting them.

Noctis is not the only salvage ship out there - thrasher and other destroyers can do decent job at salvaging as well.

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You can use Combat probes to find it if you do ‘mislay’ it (guess how I know…)

Sure. But so can anyone else… there are people who do scan and blowup mtus after all. Much easier and faster to bookmark it.

Did I blow up one of yours?

If you’re quick you can find it before anyone else realises it’s there - I’ve done it twice with Mobile Depots (never owned an MTU), but the principle is the same.

eta: I agree with your “Much easier and faster to bookmark it.”, but when a wardec enemy fleet suddenly appeared in the system, my first panicked thought was to GTFO… (and yes, I know I should have bookmarked it first)

Others are correct, there is no way to disable approach. When you click to open a container or wreck not in range, your ship will approach so you can get the contents inside.

If you want to stop your ship you can use ctrl+space bar and that will stop it. If you want to get everything in range to you, you can get a MTU that will drag everything to you and you can scoop the loot from the MTU itself without having to move around at all; this makes it much more convenient as well.

What @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras said is exactly what I do as well when I am running missions. It makes it very easy. Just make sure to bookmark it as soon as you put it down so you can return to it easily.

Best of luck out there! Fly safe! :slight_smile:


Yeap, you all have rights! :slight_smile: MTU do the job, and solve my problem. I already test it.

Thank you very much for help!


One more advice… An MTU can be shot by any player. It won’t get them CONCORDed and it will only get them a suspect flag. So you’ll run into players who will try to pick a fight with you or just try to get at the content by shooting your MTU. An MTU does have some hitpoints, but not a lot and you should keep an eye out for it when it happens. Be in range to scoop it up and repair it later. When you see someone near you turning suspect while your MTU is out then you’ll know they’re either stealing from your wrecks or shooting your MTU to get at it’s content. Having a BPO for it is a good long-term investment.

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