MWD and looting cans

So I’m in a frigate with a MWD and going to pick up a can on auto-approach. The loot window briefly pops up and I rush to click ‘loot all’. At which point I’m already out of range and have to turn around slowly to go back and get it. Is there some trick to looting cans at speed? Do I try and time it with stopping the ship manually? Is there a keybind that helps with this? Normally it doesn’t really matter but I’m doing abyssals and trying to keep the time down.

use inertia stabilizers
they will stabilize your inertia


Risk versus reward, If you want the reward, you’ll have to take on the risk of slowing down, instead of expecting to coast by on an action that would have no counter against it.

It’s not that I don’t want to slow down, I don’t mind stopping at the can, I just don’t want to overshoot it.

Start practicing cutting your speed on approach. You’ll get a feel for it after a while.


using the speed bar at bottom of hud to manually set your speed with mwd on . about 1/2 speed you won’t overshoot the can , then set it back to max to approach the next gate .


My trick is to hit “Orbit at 500” and turn off the MWD when I am within 10 - 15 km of my target (while in a frigate. cruisers and above I’ll turn things off at 5km).


Use a MWD to close the biggest distance, your AB for close in work, though remember to cut either entirely before you go flashy.

… so you just want physics to just not exist at all in the game, is what you are saying…

Hate to break it to you but physics doesn’t make much of an appearance in Eve at all. A spaceship with its thrusters on would just keep increasing its speed and when the thrusters were turned off it wouldn’t just slow down to a stop.

Imagine submarines. That’s the kind of physics you’re looking for in EVE.

If your ship has inertia, slow down before getting to the can (turn off MWD, press ctrl space at the right time) or you will overshoot the target.


Bizarrely Eve is actually listed on wikipedia’s Submarine Simulator entry; someone obviously did it for a laugh but it’s still there.

But yeah the physics suggest that the Eve universe has liquid space.


I’m pretty sure a long, long time ago, EVE was listed in the BDSM entry as well.


I think there was an ‘official’ explanation at some point that the same engines that allow for the creation of warp tunnels also interact with normal space in such a way as to create drag. So while space is a normal vacuum, in effect every warp-capable ship is travelling around with a ‘space anchor’ deployed.


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You can’t grab the stuff when you’re too fast.

The “trick” is to slow down enough so you can be fast enough …
… combined with minimal mouse-travel-time to click the LOOT ALL button …
… and that requires training.

Also a really good skill to have is being able to hit the breaks (CTRL+ALT+SPACE! DON’T EVER USE THE UI WHEN YOU CAN USE SHORTCUTS!) at the right moment so your ship goes to a full stop, or slow enough, within 2500m of the can. It’s a really handy trick that teaches you how to better fly your ship.

Also, always consider your UI. Your hand moves the mouse many kilometers every single playing session, so you want your loot window to show up somewhere where you can access the button quickly.

That’s either at the bottom left/right corner (the loot button sitting right there so you can just shove your mouse there and click without requiring precision), or next to where ever you will be having your mouse.

It’s always good to try reducing mouse-travel-time as much as possible …
… or, even better …
… eliminiating it by relying on keyboard shortcuts.

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Because the physics used for space flight in EVE are essentially submarine physics, we just can’t see the water, its definitely more accurate to call it a submarine sim than a space sim

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Fun fact: We can’t see the water even in real water.