How to download eve installer without installing the game?

As some of you may know the support for WIn7 ends on Dec7. And I’m 1 of those who need to find new system/computer. Luckily I have a few laptops to test and I’m doing it now. My problem is:

Every time I’m trying to download installer on a new machine it does download only a 175mb setup starter - which then automatically starts installing the game downloading about 4-5gb in total. I already did that 4 times and that costed me lots of time and over 20gb of transfer.

What I need is an installer which I can dowload WITHOUT automatic install so I can MANUALLY install it myself … or save on a flash so I can check several computers without a need of downloading the whole thing again and again…
I’M 100% SURE I DID THAT BEFORE. I downloaded the whole client which was about 8-10gb at the time but now it seems I’m too dumb to find it :PPP
support.eveonline says the installer can be downloaded from Steam and Epic but that’s incorrect - those websites don’t have anything I can download. I already spent about 2h browsing/googling everything maybe it’s there and I just cannot see it.