How to find New Caldari from Jita - A beautiful Symbol for Caldari Might - Jita Observatory

If you’re interested in more of these, contribute and participate in the Jita Observatory here: Jita Astronomical Observatory - Exploring New Eden - An EVE Online Astronomy Club

You really don’t need to make a new thread for this. Keep it to one thread, thanks.

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You have little justification for this.

Create a whole sub-forum for it.

  1. I can’t continuously update my own posts with new discoveries, and can’t make infinitely long singular posts and new material won’t be seen in edits.
  2. New discoveries should be their own threads so that they can be discussed independently of some other topic.
  • This is fun player-created content and is frankly better than whatever trash your employer has created in the last decade. And certainly better than whatever this forum has going for it…with its circular jerk-fests of “CCP ruined the game and Bots” over and over…

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Perhaps this other thread that you started will be enough for you.