Why everyone wants to switch to Caldari

I am a new player with an old character, I logged in and logged out and didn’t come back til now. Now what i am seeing is a lot of people want to switch to Caldari shortly after spending time in the game. Well whoever runs this part of the game there is a reason. When you start out you know nothing so you pick a faction thinking it has no affect on the game. People say this in forums say its not limiting but it is. You start out and soon, very quickly find out if you want cheap prices on things you have to go to Jita. Which is Caldari. And all your quests are on the ass end of space where you get ripped off just trying to outfit. Anyway, ignoring this fact from CCP wont make it go away. Either have a delivery service for parts or unify all the auction houses or let people switch factions. Let the flames fly, and CCP needs to stop flagging things as trolling just because they don’t want to hear the truth.

The fact that you can set Jita as your home station regardless of your starting faction renders the complaints here moot.


Wrong, if you want to stick to just faction missions and epic story missions you have to go 18 jumps away. And no jump clones are not viable as they have a 24 hour cooldown.

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Good thing I said home station and not jump clones.

You know you can set up courier contracts from Jita to pretty much any other empire system in the game and people will move it for you cheaply, right? Though honestly this just sounds like you self-imposing restrictions on how you play, and then getting mad about the circumstances due to those restrictions.


Home station wont change the fact you have to move yourself and gear from jita to wherever your faction missions are. And as for courier contracts. Where is that located within the interface of the game? How does that help new users who have no clue how to set that up. They just get ripped off at the local stations.

It’s in the name: courier contracts.

Good thing New Players aren’t just dropped into EVE’s deep end.
They’re automatically placed in a chat channel for new players where they can reach out for help and advice on how to set things up. GMs will even contact new players and give them personal help.

What are these weirdly specific class of new players who start the game knowing that Jita is where you need to go for cheap items on market?


Jita (usually) does have the best prices, but the area surrounding it also has the most gankers and most competition for ice, ore, exploration sites, and event sites. Other regions have higher prices, but they have less competition. Things like this create meaningful choices concerning things like where to live, where to play, where to shop, what to haul, what to build, what to courier contract, and so on.

Moreover, the industrialists, region traders, professional haulers, gankers, and HS pirates might not appreciate their business opportunities and trade routes drying up.

In other words, this isn’t a problem that needs fixing. Current mechanics present players with meaningful choice, and create a massive amount of business and emergent game play opportunities for a bunch of players. And what you’re proposing would certainly not make the game better. At best, it would make it worse and piss a lot of people off, and at worst, it would kill Eve Online.

Also, local trade hubs function like convenience stores. They’re closer, but will also charge you more than the grocery store, or whatnot. So, if you don’t want to pay convenience store prices, don’t go to the convenience store. Instead, go to major trade hubs like Rens, Hek, Dodixie, and Amarr (they might not be as cheap as Jita, but prices are typically reasonable), and/or look for good deals on sites like EveMarketer.


Oh I see the entire games economy is based on people making uninformed choices. So the whole game is based on snake oil sales tactics. I get it, i thought so, you confirmed that. Shame on you CCP.

Why? It’s not CCP’s fault. Every choice, interaction, direction, is solely based on players and what we do in game. CCP rarely messes with interaction and just changes stuff that we play with in the sandbox.


Informed decisions are the basis of ethical business.

Except…it’s not the truth, sorry. You are mistaken. Just admit you are wrong and learn. Not a big deal, we all make mistakes.

EDIT: Who wants to be Caldari anyway - Amarr is where it’s at.

As for prices and availability of stuff; yes jita is the biggest trade hub, but each empire has their own trade hubs (highsec - lowsec and 0.0 space ar different-ish)

Caldari - Jita
(glorious) Amarr - Amarr VIII (oris) Emperor Family
gallente - dodixie 9-20
minmatar - Rens and Hek


What are you talking about? The vast majority of the player base is making informed decisions about where to buy, what to import, and what to build based on isk and time costs. Only the newest of newbros are making uninformed decisions, but they’ll quickly learn.

And before you start complaining about exploiting the ignorance of newbros, realize that lots of video games present newbros with choices without fully informing them of all relevant information. They do this because most players don’t want walls of text and/or 30 hour tutorials thrown at them, and would rather just figure it out as they go.

Honestly, I need to bookmark this thread. The next time someone complains about CCP not listening to player feedback, I’m going to point them to this thread as an example of why CCP needs to be extremely careful of the feedback that they listen to. You don’t know how the game works, and if you had your way, you would inadvertently cause severe damage to the play styles of a significant portion of the player base.


What you just wrote is a feeling not a fact.

I am not talking about the game, I am talking about business. Informed decisions are the basis of ethical business. I can attest to the fact I was not properly informed.

The fact that Jita is somewhere you want to be is totally up to you. I’ve heard Amarr and Hek are also nice at this time of the year :slight_smile:

The more restrictions you ask CCP to put in place, the less amazing freedom this game offers.


First, how the game works is pretty ■■■■■■■ relevant to the conversation whether you consider it to be or not. Second, by what moral authority do you assert that business ethics apply to in game markets? Third, even if business ethics did apply to in-game markets, how has any one done anything that might be construed as unethical? Consider this, no one has an obligation to teach you how to make informed buying decisions in real life, so why would you think that such an obligation exists in a sandbox game with a player driven economy?


Look, it sounds like you just overpaid for something and are now suffering buyers remorse. Thus, I suggest that you either take this opportunity to learn how to avoid doing that in the future, or quit playing the game. Because if you aren’t prepared to learn from your mistakes, you are not going to enjoy Eve Online.

P.S. Can I have your stuff?


Oh, I bet I know what happened. Did you buy plex for cash, sell it to a low ball order in your current region, and then discover that you got ripped off?


What is it, mirror day? If you were talking to yourself you would be correct.

If you are expecting to be spoon-fed information while sweet nothings are whispered in your ear reassuringly, you will be sorely disappointed. It is by far mostly up to we the players to find info on and figure out this game. There is a HUGE amount of info on this game out there. It is up to us to simply grab it.

HOLY COW! Do you seriously expect anyone else to just give you all the info you need in business?!


Informed decisions are the hallmark of ethical business practices.

as a former business owner, it was up to me to find the info to make that informed decision.