How to find structures with standup composite reactors

A standup composite reactor is only found in an Athanor or Tatara not located in high-sec, right? Is there an easy way to find one? Right now I’m browsing regions in dotlan, seeing which systems are in low sec and then browsing in-game in the Solar system window to see if these solar systems have any structures, which most of them don’t. There must be a better way …

Industry window lists structures in your current region. You can filter by industry services available.

And there is a Structure Browser in the Utilities menu

What are you initially looking for? I think you don’t want to travel there just to look at this very reactor. Perhaps we find an alternative way to reach your aims.

Okay, I found several facilities that support composite reactions. However, when I dock with the relevant blueprint and materials, for Manufacturing it still says Activity not supported at this facility. And hovering over the Start buttons shows Facility access denied. Renting an office doesn’t change things. How do I get access? I hope the answer isn’t that i need to join their corporation, because I’m already in a corporation and don’t want to switch.

Talk to the ceo and make a deal for access

it is a sanbox: make a deal with their ceo, or build your own structure with composite reactor (and defend it, or pay mercenaries to defend it,…), or make a deal with some industrialists who produce what you need, or…

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