How to fix salvage and mineral markets

Add some BPC drops to NPCs that allow the following:

  1. T1 salvage + LOTS of minerals (pyerite, isogen, zydrine, megacyte, and a little nocxium) = 100x that salvage, and
  2. T1 salvage + minerals (as above) = T2 salvage.

There. Fixed.

At this point no-one ever needs to salvage again and just builds it.
Thus destroying the salvage market.
Though it might make the rig market cheaper. But really the rig market is too stuck on bottleneck salvage items, which cause a lot of not very powerful rigs to be hugely expensive because of a single other rig.

Assuming you are right and that there is a problem however…
I would suggest that you should instead be looking at dramatically reducing the amount of salvage needed for a rig, and spreading the salvage out wider so the same salvage item doesn’t go in 90% of rigs for example, but putting minerals in their place. This would achieve the same thing but without the infinite salvage result.

This idea woud bring the prices of the bottleneck salvage down as CCP could control which BPCs dropped.

You mean make salvage with minerals?

I’m not sure I follow, salvage is a route for people who choose that game play and requires skills but if they open it up if I understand correctly the ability to produce salvage material from BPC’s it depends on how many drop and if it is even worth it to rewrite the code to implement it.

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