How to fix the issue with hotkeys not working for bookmarks

As many of us have discovered, in the “people and places” window, some of our hotkeys do not work as they do in other windows, such as the “overview” window. I believe the reason is because the “people and places” window features a text entry field, therefore the window does not interpret certain keystrokes as hotkeys but rather as keystrokes.

This sometimes causes some major frustration with people uselessly pressing their hotkey and the only solution is to realize you need to first click something that does not have a text entry field (such as clicking in space) to get the hotkeys to work again.

It seems to me the “simple” (cough) solution to this problem is to create a separate window that simply mirrors bookmarks from “people and places” but operates the same as the “overview” window. In fact, it could just be a part of the overview window itself.

In fact, bookmarks in the “people and places” should probably be completely unusable from there, and all you can do is edit. That would greatly reduce the number of people even trying to use a hotkey on a bookmark it won’t work on. The consistency would be wonderful.

Or does someone have another idea how to fix this issue?

I don’t know if this will be of any help, but the “L” hotkey will bring up a list of bookmarks only for the system you are in. They are not in folders if you place your bookmarks in folders, so if you have many bookmarks this may not be helpful.

I’m not sure if hotkeys will work on these or not. I haven’t tried, but will next time I log in

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