Bookmark Window (Formally People and Places)

I noticed in the latest build of Photon, that the People and Places window Alt+E has been separated into two new windows:

  • Contacts Alt+E (Contacts, Agents, and Search)
  • Locations L

While I am okay with the separation of windows, it was a bit of a pain if I were to be honest; however, for me, the big thing was the new default key-bind for bookmarks. The new default L has caused me to accidentally open it on several occasions. -

Given the primary purpose of this window is to show bookmarks, and that the bookmark hotkey is Ctrl+B, I suggest the default keybind should be set to something like Alt+B. This would:

  • Make it harder for people to accidentally open the window as it requires two keystrokes AND would keep the shortcut consistent with other windows for example: Mail Alt+I, assets Alt+T, cargo Alt+C and so on…

  • B would also make sense as it is similar to the create a bookmark option - basically Ctrl to create new, Alt to view existing.

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