How to "flag" a post?

I recently attempted to sell an old char on the marketplace. A dev locked the post until i “fixed” the post with the proper format. Thought i had complied when i posted but i missed linking the "skill sheet’ ? I had a friend look at it and tell me what i needed to fix, no thanks to the dev. Thanks dev. Anyways, i think i fixed it and am suppose to “flag” the post to get the thread un locked. I do not see where to “flag” this. Any help would be appreciated. Peace.

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Click the three dots next to the “Reply” button. :slight_smile:

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everything has to be in the first post, as after a sale is made the first post cannot be deleted per rules, so all relevant information should be in the first.

there is no flag if i have 3 dots, sometimes i dont even have 3 dots

Clicking the 3 dots should produce a “drop down”. It has 3 images (for me), middle image is a “flag”. Click on the “flag”.

Sometimes the “drop down” won’t appear if you click the 3 dots “too fast” in my experience.


p.s. as to why, at times, you don’t have the 3 dots, I cannot say.

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I flagged it for you. Since its a locked topic you wont see a reply button. Similar to your OP the 2nd post is where the 3 dots are

Before clicking dots

After clicking dots

sweet! thanks for the help!

Could use a bit more help if you dont mind. I’ve even opened this site with a different browser. Still no flag icon in the three dots. The thread is still locked also.

ok i dont get that icon so im not sure how to do that. im suppose to flag a post in the character bizarre since i fixed my OP. Could you give me hand?

Ive flagged it already.

@ISD_Drew can you make sure their sales post is ok?

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