[improvement] add Dupe as thread flag reason

(Nicen Jehr) #1

I flag threads that are obvious dupes after linking to the official thread. I should be able to indicate this as a flag reason.

(FlipMoe Squad) #2

How about a flag about a trolling morons as well? He/she could get a dunce cap and 30mins in the corner.

(Nicen Jehr) #3

That was asked for in this thread which devolved into sh*posting

IMO it misses the point. flagging is a request for human action, ISD can take action for dupes, rules violations, spam but their job is not to determine which posts are sh*posts

and if you automated it it would be abused

(FlipMoe Squad) #4

Violation of eula or tos…threats of violence or harassment. That’s what I was talking about…serious issues that need to be addressed for the health of the community.
I’m not trying to troll your thread, it’s just an issue that can be overlooked.

(Nicen Jehr) #5

np! that reason exists as “It’s inappropriate.” Although it would be great to be able to flag posts and not just threads.

(FlipMoe Squad) #6

alright, you got it all figured it, you can close the thread now…you can flag posts.