No Flagging Icon

Are you the guy who said to add stuff? I tried to send you message but it don’t work. What is flag mean?

You can flag a post via the 3 dots next to Reply:

This should show something similar to this:

This lets you notify Forum Staff a post needs review.

ohh I don’t have that

What should I do??

It’s the icon next to reply for you:


I’ve already unlocked the thread as you’ve updated the post with the requested information. Once you respond, I’ll clean up the thread so others can bid/post.

that does this

I made another post asking about it too

I see, something to do with the trust level, I’ll bring it up with the forum team. Thanks for letting me know.

Speaking of flagging: Why can’t we unhide hidden forum posts any more? Until a little while ago, there was a button to unhide temporarily flag-hidden post content. This feature is now gone.

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