How to get more people to play eve

The negativity around the game is astounding. I think a trailer is a good way to bring everyone together again. They need their old guard players to return somehow, need the hype of a good trailer or a big Capsuleer war


Yeah, absolutely no chance that the big organized power blocks with an existing out-of-game IT infrastructure will be the first to regain their position. This will really open up things for new players.


You can’t just take my words and apply this absurd as if it was actually fitting. It isn’t.

Rejecting the crappy idea of giving new players more isk does not allow for the conclusion that all ideas are crappy. No. This idea is crappy.

Furthermore, when you (general you) continuously propose ideas that are bad, rejected by a big group of people with actual arguments and explanations, then there is a good chance that the problem is you and that you simply can not deal with people who, in whatever way or form, point out that you do not know enough to form a proper opinion, or feature/change suggestion!


Let me add one more, important thing … introduce back passive incomes of some kind.

Removing it was a big mistake, because it broke the PvP-only players’ neck, and led to the political landscape and monoculture (only one way to play to be successful), maybe even the bots, we have now. Almost like if the goons wrote the script to all the changes in the last few years. :wink:

One symptom is also, that the blocs fight over the one and only passive income resource left in game, the Perimeter market, because it is that important.



I didn’t do anything with your words, You keep repeating the same idea, so I don’t read most of your words.

That statement about “perfection vs improvement” is a cliche of sorts - it’s just a reminder. But it wasn’t intended specifically for you.

Please do not use sarcasm. Poe’s Law is always in effect, and people - including devs - will take such statements more often at face value, than not. Questioning the intelligence of those who do so is moot, because there are too many factors involved.

Sarcasm requires extra steps in the brain, which often enough are skipped, especially by those who do not take the time required to actually comprehend what’s written. Of those, there are many.

I can explain it in length, though I believe there’s no need for that.

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That was more likely part of the point, than not. It fits perfectly in the ongoing removal of emergent gameplay, which is ultimately caused by people who PvP.

Just like the coming wardec changes ultimately add no significant content to highsec, because deccers are ultimately being reduced to structure grinders once the idea of a “holding corp” finds its way into the public’s mind.


As someone that was a newer player - the very core of character progression needs to be updated.

I know i know it’s alot better than it was - but it’s still a snails pace in real time, for each individual size of each individual type of each individual thing in each individual category.

Very archaic, very slow (with sub half training time) very uninteractive and very unrewarding.

Great for the casual crowd who can jump on for a couple hours at a time and still be fully progressed, not so great for the majority of gamers that can and do put alot more time into their gaming.

Especially, when certain things are needed for certain situations, certain enemies, certain Ewar, certain missions, certain activities etc.

Progression walls everywhere.


Whatever the intend behind the wardecs the system had devolved into “Let us use the income from out botting Nyxes to wardec swathes of EVE, enhance our fleets by having scouts and neutral logi so we can avoid losses and safely ambush stupid stragglers.”. Good for CCP in shaking it up a bit.


Passive alliance income in the form of rental empires (with the incentive of ignoring any botting in the rental alliances) and passive moon mining was what allowed certain alliances to build an overwhelming super capital force to start with.
If you want to shake up nullsec just place an NPC constellation in every region and ensure they are all in jump freighter range of each other. And make NPC stations automatically kill anchored bubbles after a couple of hours.


I think @Tipa_Riot has the basis of a good idea, not so sure about removing cynos etc but certainly I think resources should deplete and move around so that people dont become static, but then would the big blocks just not steamroller into all those new places…

It is a question that has trouble many people for a long time though, will any of it happen though.


We’re you ever hesitating to undock? I was back in the day sometimes living in stations for days, due to how rough it was. Did you ever experience that when you started?, did eve feel unsafe.

Paywalls. :grimacing: but I can say am at least enjoying the game enough to skip ahead (inject) on some T2 small weapons and frigates. I’m just worried if there’s going to be anyone to actually shoot at


I was tempted to, too.

To pay for injectors for the blatant walls, but i felt like i’d be falling into CCPs carefully constructed trap and would be encouraging an unhealthy type of development direction.

Not only that, but then that would mean that the sub money you are already giving them, means little.

That you’re meant to give them set money monthly, as well as extra up front just for a reasonable start and that’s just a little too greedy for me, makes me feel a little too manipulated to buy into it lol.


Yep, went Omega too. Officially a player now lol


100% agree with your assessment of rental empires. The amount of isk generated is obscene and I wish there was a way to stop them, but no idea how that is possible.

I think CCP goofed with the moon mining revamp. I didn’t mind the passive income, if the moons resources depleted. I think it should have either went more like PI, the more it’s used the less you extract or delete it 100% and slowly re-spawn or have a whole, new random moon mats spawn for each time a moon depletes.

The way moon mats are extracted now has promoted a massive amount of afk/bot game play, which is not good for the game.

I think it is quite clear looking at the Delve region in particular, that things in null sec are a bit too comfy at the moment. I seriously doubt the GSM will want to upset the null sec status quo, but it seems some really bold ideas are whats needed to break the null sec stagnation.

Head for Gal/Cal FW space, lots of small targets to shoot there. I had a great time over the weekend doing t1 frigate fights.

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Let them try it, I’m curious how this pans out … especially if you combine it with the “no-jump-drive” capital movement.

Yeah i had subbed too - this isn’t a charity, but damned if i’m going to let them manipulate me into paying even more up front, by having designed pay/grind walls - just to even be able to get started at a decent pace.

Instead sitting back getting more and more bored while waiting for real-time character progression and looking more and more at my near-pointless subscription.


I think most if us laughed at omega/alpha thingy

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