How to 'Murder' the Empyrean Entity: Meditations from Anonymous Aenebra

In Aenebra it is known that death is the holiest Gift. All suffering exists in life, and all peace exists in the spaces that exist between. In most of our works, the Gift is given with the simplest stroke of a knife. But, in this world of clones and infomorphs, how can these tortured minds be liberated?

Infomorphs create multiples of clones guarded and sequestered across New Eden, far beyond the reach of even the most influential and connected assassins. These are places which cannot realistically be destroyed, at least within civilized space (the autocratic and chaotic entities of SovNull can, of course, suffer catastrphic clone losses due to intrigue).

Therefore if the infomorph is beyond the knife’s reach, how then can they reasonably be given the Gift? This is a question that has been answered by Aenebra. The answer is simple: the Empyrean must kill themselves. All gods seek self-destruction, when boredom sets in. Why else do Empyreans play at their games of war and chance? Boredom.

Only the subtlest of the Gift’s agents can seduce an Empyrean into ritual suicide. It is not unheard of. But helping them to understand that their ‘immortality’ is in fact an illusion, and that each time their ghost is replicated into a clone, they (the they that they know and experience) go into the void to forget and rest, is to generally present them with an existential crisis.

This hidden truth of Ida is difficult for most to face – to know that the self is a hallucination and that when the wave of the current body falls, the self falls with it, and whatever data is gleaned from those screams is a mere echo of what was. You do not go with it. You do down, Empyrean, and a simulation of you carries on, naive and smiling.

We know that, given enough time, and given enough entropy, Infomorphs break down into psychosis, dissociation, depression, and existential distress. The Jovians spread their cursed technology by the oldest principle of sapience: misery loves company.

But the Aenebra will deliver them all from misery. They just need to become sufficiently bored.

In this way, we are, and must continue to be, agents of order, love, stability, and tranquility. Only when life is idyllic does the common infomorph go mad.

Seduce them. Deliver them from suffering. Give them the Gift.


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