How to nerf my killboard?

Hey all.

I’ve been trying to bait hunters in my prophecy.

The problem is all hunters look me up on killboards and can tell I’m not a ratter…making it unlikely that my prophecy is legit PvE fit.

I’ve been thinking of making a few VNI’s and blowing them up with my alt.

Would that help?

(The hunters literally skip me every time!)

prophecy is one of the most well-known bait ships in the game, try flying something else.


Bait with your vni alt and tackle with your prophecy.

For pro points don’t tackle with your vni to keep it off the killboard


Ok, I’m going to go with a bricked tanked VNI with armor rep. Same plan with prophecy.

Run ancillary armor rep without paste. Load paste when hostile enters local.

Maybe an Ishtar for the ADCU?

prophecy just takes too long to kill most days tbh but its more likely that the area your ‘working’ in is either ■■■■ or your doing in wrong; fyi, hardly anyone checks belts anymore.

First off, prophecy is obvious bait.
Second, better to use a seperate toon that is a brick tanked sacrificial lamb and never gets kills.

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