Ship for hunting the hunters

I got jumped the other day while ratting (too complacent) by a rapier and a heretic.

My question is this: next time some hunters enter my area, what is a good ship to grab to turn the tables? I can call for a fleet, but I would like to be able to handle a couple of ships on my own.

My pvp experience is almost entirely frigates, so I’m still very new to this. I was thinking that grabbing a pvp fit ishtar might be a good idea. I have the skills for lots of ships, but I’m totally up for training into whatever it takes.

Thanks in advance.

This depends quite a lot on what the hunters are flying and whether they see your ship as engageable.

You could fly a tanky bait ship to keep them in system while your pals arrive. But if the opponents are flying a dictor and a T2 support cruiser I think you could get away with a T1 or Navy variant of the Vexor.

The best ship is one called Pre aligning and intel

This does not help you engage them.

The truth is it depends on what you are ratting in. bait carrier and bait rattle are different.

Right. I know how to avoid being jumped. I just don’t always do it.

What I want to happen is this …

  1. I see neuts enter
  2. Check them in zkill and see that they are trouble
  3. Dock up.
  4. Grab a pvp ship.
  5. Blow them up or at least scare them away.

They’ll probably just avoid engagement with any pvp ship they see on D-scan. If you want to catch someone he’s either should be unaware of your existence or think that you’re an easy prey.

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