Best Baiting Ships/Fittings

I’ve seen a lot of videos about ships/fittings for baiting. I’m not sure I believe all of them, especially claims about the Punisher. Clearly there’s a whole range of ships to use…Punisher, Nereus, even barges. So…what are everyone’s suggestions for the best baiting ship ? Obviously bearing in mind cost as well. I’m not interested in arguments about the why and wherefore of baiting…just the technical facts.

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just the technical facts


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I rather like this:

[Prowler, Simulated Prowler Fitting]
Damage Control II
Reinforced Bulkheads II
Reinforced Bulkheads II

Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Medium Shield Extender II
Medium Shield Extender II

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Medium Transverse Bulkhead II
Medium Transverse Bulkhead II

And hull tanking elite in the cargo hold.


Heron works well. Any self respecting AT ship will take that bait.


Thanks for the recommendations…I’ll check them out in fittings.

Battle Venture :wink:

But some of that is relevant to what you are asking. Do you mean baiting as in getting another ship to aggress so you have a limited engagement and re-ship? Or do you mean having an innocent looking ship that encourages someone to fight you and then it is tougher than they thought?

For example if you mean the latter, Dracs suggestion is not helpful, you will just die slowly and can’t fight back. In that case you would want the battle heron or passive shield blaster Neurus. If it’s the former, literally any ship you can use to shoot an mtu with will work.

Primarily the latter.

It’s hard to beat a passive shield Neurus then. It takes some expertise with suspect baiting but a lot of people who don’t have a pretty good knowledge of the game will think you are just some dumb hauler who is messing with their cans. To use the Heron you’ll need to head into WHs to use it effectively. If you’re running around in a suspect Heron someone will just alpha you.

No one’s going to take bait from a Nereus these days.

If you want to bait, you have to use a Damavik or an Astero.

If you want to go for the industrial options, Kryos or Miasmos would work, or a yield-focused barge like the Covetor.

Yep I know, I had an encounter with one.

To be fair, the kind of people that Cilla can actually fight are the ones who will still take a bait Nereus.

Maybe someone can do a solid and lose a ship to her intentionally? I’ve heard heroes like that exist in this game, but I’ve never managed to meet one myself.

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Well, I want one for baiting…but it may even be the same one I use for transporting stuff from Amarr to Dodixie. A long route if one goes via highsec…but I barely spotted any gankers on my first trip. The price difference between Amarr and Dodixie makes it well worth it.

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Well you do you, but remember if you try and do both you won’t have a ship that’s great at either. If you are baiting in it all your lows will be shield power relays and your rigs will be core defense field purgers, so your hauling capacity will basically be garbage. And a ganker will smoke it anyways so that won’t help. If you want to haul stuff safely just train into a BR and be done with it

Any armor ship can bait well. Anything with a ‘resistance bonus’ on it is an obvious bait.

Hull tank bait or go back carebearing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welp a Prowler!! That’s like killing a mockingbird. It’s a sin.

If one ship was best, it wouldn’t be because “everyone” would know and not take the bait.

punisher is bait with a friend
make a scram super tank punisher wen the dude is 2./3 to kill you friend comes and ruins the day

there is other bait punisher , the DPS punisher , no one expects the DPS punisher

and the fun part is that the tank is not that bad

that said punisher have only 2 mid slots and poor application , any player with a hand can win
they simply do what you want them to do because they are bad