What is effective against a Phantasm

hi all

I am in high sec and occasionally getting baited by the same person in a phantasm. I’ve not aggressed yet but wondered what kind of Gila fits would be good against a Phantasm.

I am currently PVE fit so I know I would need to go with a more PVP centric fit, maybe 2 webs due to his AB bonus but any suggestions for a Gila fit would be welcome.



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Phantasms are generally fit fast, so youre gonna need webs. No scrams, regular warp disruptor will do cause they usually fit for Afterburners. Also they sheild fit, usually, so EM damage will do the most damage.

But as with all suspects in hisec space, its not a good idea to engage. Most likely they are trying to bait you, and they may have a friend or two in a support ship. In which case, no matter how good you are you wont be able to take them down, not without friends and support of your own.


Thanks @Solonius_Rex. I guess I need to learn more about high sec aggression mechanics then. If he steals from my wreck and goes suspect to me, isn’t that limited engagement with just him and I. If he has support ships/friends they will be concorded if they attack me (or rep him) won’t they?

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They will be concorded if they attack you, but they will only gain suspect status if they rep him.

But thats the difficulty in fighting with baits.

First off, a support ship, like a logistics ship, has a lot of range when it comes to repairing. Remote shield/armor repairers have like 60km range. So even if you try to take out his support ship, he may be playing cat and mouse with you while his main ship beats down on you and kills you.

Secondly, once you attack the support ship, you will be in a limited engagement with that ship as well. He may warp off and switch ships to a tougher, larger DPS ship and come back and fight you.

Again, its not really recommended unless you have backup as well. But if youre okay with losing your ship, id say go for it.

I lost my navy drake back in 2013 cause i wanted to try killing someone who was baiting. :stuck_out_tongue:


ahhh this makes sense, I don’t have backup of my own sadly, i’ll just be way of his actions and stay careful then

By letting them ‘get to you’ you now have got a friend for life, these trolls scouring the eve’verse looking for friends to fill there lonely nights, best thing to do at this point to rid yourself of your new playmate is to ignore them, just go about your business, and also move, if your staying in a mission hub there are lots of lonely hearts looking to hold your hand, this is who they are…



consensual pvp in eve is only making your opponent think he is the one dictating the engagement.


if i had more buddies with me i’d go for it, but I am solo, if he even has 1 friend i am done for

Have you tried doing cosmos missions, get out of that hub for a while, every faction space has cosmos missions, they give interesting bpc’s (storyline), and will give you some close calls (fit a micro warp jumper), and give you some great boosts to your rep for that faction you mission in.

The drops and salvage aren’t great and the bounties are low but, it is a part of eve that doesn’t get seen enough by people to fully appreciate it.


Check his killboard and see if he has lost that ship type recently. Alternately you could fit a passive targeting module and ship scanner for a spell and get his ship fitting (you may need to cycle it a few times to get a complete fit). Be patient, especially if you run into him repeatedly.

If he is buffer fit then he may have a logi friend somewhere nearby. If he is active tanked then it is likely he is solo baiting you. Armed with the knowledge of his fitting you can tailor a ship to destroy him. I would suggest neuts and webs if he is ab/shield fit. A Gila with proper skills and fit appropriately should rip him apart if you can get him slowed down.


@Wanda_Fayne - I like your thinking, I will certainly try and get a passive targetter onto him so I can determine his fit. I did look at his KB and didn’t see a phantasm on it.

@Piugattuk - I do try a number of things in game, yesterday for example I was doing combat sites (that’s when I came across my baiting friend), a little bit of exploration, a couple of missions etc. I have done a fair few Cosmos missions on the main, they are ok, a break from the norm for sure. I was solo yesterday as I had move out to high sec from the WH I live in because most of my corp were offline over xmas and there isn’t much you can do solo in a C4 on 1 character.


Active rep dual web Ashimmu. Three nos.


Phantasm is the always “the one that got away” for me, very quick ships.

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i dont recall ever having killed one, not even when in a fleet.

I’ve found that crying and long, cold showers arw the only thing effective against a pirate ship that has a bayonet attached to the front of it.

In all seriousness, I love the phangasm. Anything with a web effectiveness or range bonus tends to give it problems, but if it is 100 ab fit anything less than two webs with bonuses wont be able to hold it down. The pilot will just align, overheat, and wave goodbye.


Couple tornados…


Warping away in time.

Friend ship best ship.

Two or three logi buddies won’t help if they get 10+ angry carebear-fit gunships shooting at them. This assumes that these gunships know how to compensate for angular velocity and aren’t the reason this guy showed up to mess with you to begin with.

Yeah phantasms are tough to deal with, not because they are overly powerful in a fight, but because they can pretty much choose when they want to leave a fight against most ships of their class.

Out of curiosity… Was this person harassing you mission sites? Or in those random overview type of sites? And more importantly… was it me? :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Just realized this is a thread someone necroed above.

Phantasm is good, but not as good as the gila, its pure masochism to even buy one when there are better alternatives. Just web it and dps it down, hell it can even be stopped from firing with energy neutralizers. Don’t get why anyone would fly that ship.