Hunting VNIs. Any tips or input?

I need some tips for VNI hunting in Null Sec.

I am hunting in a new region, because the renters I hunted got evicted. My old victims was very simple. You put eyes in a system, they stopped ratting for 1 day. After 1 day they starts ratting again. I found even 3 VNI characters which warped to an offline POS. I also found VNIs in space. Just in space. Floating. Fun times.

My new renter victims are a little bit harder to catch. I am not fast enough to catch them most of the time. They are really good in warping out. Some are leaving even drones in the site.

My next step was to bookmark stations. Yes, a lot of renters are using station, even if there is an Astrahus in system. I also bookmarked Astrahuses. I switched from a TC3 to a Sabre. I need a big portion of luck to catch them on a Astrahus in bubbles. Stations are easier, because they are smaller. Some of the new renters are still using POSes too, but the POSes are usually gunned. I didn’t find any offline POS.

This renters are really good in warping away if someone enters the system and I don’t know how to adapt. The VNIs usually uses bigger systems then the old renters I hunted before.

I shutdown a good ratting system with a clocky camper for 4 days. I kill 2-3 VNIs who tied to move their VNIs to another system. It’s a lot of work for a VNI kills. Got salt in local and per EVE mail, because of clocky camping. I am not a fan of login traps. Not for an VNI.

Nobody even bothered to hunt me in my Sabre. So, not content there.

I really need some ideas or tips how I can adapt to the new situation.

Thank you for some input.

Maybe a faster ship?
Vigilant prey will always be tricky to catch, sadly.

Do you have fitting examples for a Loki maybe or a Tengu? The Loki is not the usual hunting T3C, so I am interested in some fittings.

they could be bots
see if they always warp to ss and cloak

Log off in system in a combat ship at the end play session. Log in, dscan and warp to site maul the ratter or die trying.

Either that or multi box a superstar inty toon.

Use an alt in their alliance to scout for you?if you suspect its bots put mobile warp disruptors in anoms they were doing
If you really really REALLY want them,dead join someone blue to them and start killing them .

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VNIs (of the 100mn variety) can be pretty slow to align. You want a ship that aligns and warps very quickly, so that you can enter system, warp to a haven, and catch the VNI before he’s able to warp off. Cruisers might be too slow for that, but T3 destroyers in propulsion mode might do the trick. (A jackdaw for example, can be fit to align in less than 2 seconds.)

@Gorn_Sasen I recommend flying a cloaky or a force recon ship. they work well and it is easy to tell if they are bots, if they warp away without seeing you on scan… They could be bots.

Make sure to report them before you blow them to smithereens.

Wouldn’t a hostile showing up in local be enough for VNIs to dock up?

Pretty much. Most VNI fits for ratting wont work for pvp except in the one in a billion chance the neut has the same damage output as an npc ship.

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@elitatwo or blow them up right after you report them :wink:

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@Erethond Sometimes, but a lot of the time they will be ready to leave if they see you on scan and pay attention.

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Guys, guys, guys, just because someone warps off when a neut enters the system does NOT mean they’re a bot! Seriously, in my null bear days I did the same thing in my VNI. I was out printing ISK, not looking for pew-pew. Odds are the OP has just found a system with disciplined null bears, not bots.

Jesus christ thank you.

“Hurp durp if they warp when a red enters system they’re clearly bots!”

If you want content, maybe join pvp fleets instead of hunting pve fit ships and getting mad when they don’t engage?

I respect OP for solo work. If they are bots, I hope he kills them all.

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