Solo Cloaky Hunter Guide?

I’ve looked through the stuff on Eve University, but I was wondering if there were any other resources? I’m thinking null sec will be the place for me. Should I stay in systems near low sec for easy docking when I’m finished? I’m a high sec carebear who want to taste salty null tears, any advice will help. Also thinking Proteus or Loki, so advice on ship/fit is welcome.

I would go to the main discussion for ideas. Main AFK cloaky thread

Thank you!

Nevermind, browsed that thread and it is pretty useless to my question. Mostly people ranting about afk cloaking and deleting local. I’m asking HOW to hunt in a Cloaky ship. Tips and tricks, etc.

Hmm… what size ships are you looking to kill. I’m wondering because the larger ships often take teamwork. Found this though. Solo Cloaky VNI gankers?

Kinda thinking VNIs and similar, they seem to be common solo ratting in null.

Oh cool, thank you!

There are group that do that but they may or may not be so open to thier tactics. I would reccoment looking at z kill as well for fitting info on what the successful solo hunter are flying when they die… As well as what they are flying when they kill something just not the fit.

Do you know the name of the group?

Me personally no. But who knows someone may have some more useful information they will add to your request here.

I am sure that some of wingspans early videos were him hunting solo in stealth bombers, although that is in WH space. They can be found on youtube.

This could be useful to start off with:

@Olmeca_Gold also wrote a very detailed guide once, however I don’t know if it’s still available somewhere. I’ll bug him about it.

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Thanks, I’ve seen some of wingspan’s videos, but I need more time to dedicate to the longer ones. Hunting the belters has some good ones on this subject also, especially breaking down the Proteus.

No, it went down with the old Bombers Bar website I deleted. Thanks for remembering tho :slight_smile:

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