Solo Hunting

I started playing eve with the catch of the market and industry which i like a lot but i got bored of making ISK in Jita without doing nothing “fun” anymore for me.

I started training for solo hunting bc i watched the whaling documentary of Olmeca Gold and loved it so i wanted to give whaling a try.

So, I picked a caracal and some singals needlejacks to try to hunt someone. To my surprise i hunted a ratting vexor and a two tackers on my first try, I got that eve shackes, now i knew what i wanted to do. On my second one i hunted two or three ratting vexors and then died to the response fleed. It was nice.

On my third roam I wanted to try something diferent so I changed to a stealth bomber because i love the stealth part. I found a mining op so I destroied some retrievers and covetors and after that I managed to catch a hulk who was leaving and also killed him. After that I tried to hunt a vexor but i didnt apply well so i could not kill him. I saw a lot of Ishtars that didn’t warp off when i was in local and i wondered if i could kill em but I could not break their tanks with a solo stealth bomber.

I am wondering how and which with ship could i kill those Ishtars if anyone have done so.

I am skilling to a loki ( already subsystems to 5 and good skills in HAMs ) but i want to practice solo hunting before I jump to a 1 billion ISK ship.

I am asking advanced advice to start solo hunting.

I would like to know:

  • Logic progress from my point of (little) experience. ( I don’t want the tipical go learn pvp in fw, I tried it but was super boring for me, I want to hunt )
  • Can I kill Ishtars with a SB? If so, with what fit? How would u do it? If not, what ships will do the work?
  • Good solo ships for solo roaming NULLSEC, I’ve seen the hecate is good but i dont think it will break a Ishtar? Any idea is good for me thanks! I have good skills in minmatar cruisers and missiles.
  • Good fit for a HAM Loki if anyone has it and advices to how to fly it.
  • How do you find sistems with miners? I know how to fins ratters using dotlan but i dont know about miners.

Any extra tips or advices will be super apreciated!


Solo stealth bombers are only really good for industrials and mining barges as you found. They’re best suited to use in groups where you have overwhelming DPS and EWAR.

Ishtars are awkward, but you can kill them with other PVP fit cruisers, or with assault frigs / daredevils / garmurs etc. with some finesse. Hecates are great, but they might struggle to tank/evade the damage of an ishtar’s drones.

One way to identify systems with mining activity is via the sov tab under system info: mining will cause the industrial index to rise.

HAM Lokis are great, but I don’t use them at all so I can’t give you a fit. Looking up effective solo loki pilots on zkill should give you some ideas.

Lastly if you enjoyed Olmeca’s whaling documentary, Bombers Bar (the organization where Olmeca learned the whaling trade) is still around doing public fleets multiple times a week. By grouping up with others, we’re able to take down far larger targets. We caught and killed a Hel on the weekend just gone.

It’s a great place to meet and learn from other people who enjoy hunting for targets and cloaky ships, without needing to join a corp or alliance.
Discord: Bombers Bar In-game channel: bombers bar

I’m running a Bombers Bar whaling fleet myself on Saturday that’s aimed around hunting and killing capitals (or other high value targets) in nullsec.

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Worth considering that you could also hunt KR targets in hisec as well:

Looks like you are on the right track, I decided to go with the Hecate a year or so ago for my solo pwn mobile. It can’t take T2 cruisers but else has a good engagement profile. One important plus, hull tanked it doesn’t need a tank implant set to be competitive.

I was using an AC Loki a lot before the resists and AC nerf, but flying a throwaway ship is 100 times more fun, as you can just yolo and sometimes you win against the odds, and if you lose, take the next.

May add, that I was “living” in Pochven for quite a time, where Hecate or Jackdaw were the only suitable solo options. With the 30% warp penalty flying anything bigger is a pita.

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I would like to try the Hecate but i only have skills to fly a Jackdaw.

What can a Jackdaw do solo? I only flew it on fleets.

Thank you very much for all the info! Do u know an example of a pvp cruiser to take down Ishtars?

I will try to join your fleet if I can ! I tried one or two fleets of Bombers Bar before but then i take a rest of the game and forgot about it will join the channel today :slight_smile:

Wow! Didn’t know that was a viable playstyle i thought KR were pretty dead and needed a revamp. Will take a look thanks! :slight_smile:

You’ll see plenty of kills by T3 cruisers, but there’s also most navy and pirate faction cruisers there with solo kills. HACs would also do the job.

Jackdaw has a different profile. Whereas Hecate is 90% flown as brawler, Jackdaw is a kiter with light missiles. So you keep out of scram range and whittle down your target. I don’t have flown Jackdaws solo in PvP, but they are nice PvE ships.

You seem pretty knowledgeable in flying the jackdaw solo (which I’m currently skilling into)- do you mind sharing some tips on avoiding gate camp losses? 80% of my ship losses have been on gate camps- so I’m pretty sure that I’m doing something wrong.

Hard to avoid gate gank unless have a scout or prior knowledge. Use F10 and look at the stats. Also can check zkills and see if a system is regularly camped.

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Fit for <2s align (one inertial, nano, or poly rig should do it on Jackdaw), be in prop mode. Not worrying about 99% of gatecamps in low again.


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