How to reduce power of local&directional scanner with solo mining

I have idea how to upgrade Retriever mining barge and Mackinaw exhumer. They currently have only large ore bay.

I propose that Retriever mining barge and Mackinaw exhumer could both have deployed mode. When in deployed mode they are unable to move but they are invisible to directional scanners and capsuleer in it is invisible in local. This would make these ships extremely solo play friendly ships and reduce control power of local + directional scanner. Risk with using these ships comes with moving/transportation since when they are moving they are visible in directional scanner and capsuleer is visible in local. Mackinaw exhumer could also have ore packing when in deployed mode.

This would create healthy risk vs reward thinking for solo mining. Mining is safer than now but moving is as dangerous as it is now. Risk with mining should always be with transportation/moving.

Comments are welcome for my idea!

I don’t think either ship needs such a strength. This suggestion seems more like a “I keep getting killed while mining afk and not paying attention, so please give my specific gameplay style a buff so it’s harder for people to kill me while i’m afk and not paying attention.”


No. Mining barges aren’t remotely covert, and no other existing ship-based mechanic can remove you from local.

Pay attention while you’re mining in your massive capacity barge. It’s not hard.


I couldn’t agree more with both Scoots and Bronson.

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No dscan immunity belong on the 4 ships it’s on and that’s it.

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Given how long it takes to dscan a barge (and therefore how much of a warning a barge has that a bad guy is nearby), this doesn’t seem at all necessary.

And surely cloaked ships that cannot shoot should disappear from local before a barge that is actively mining.

Say no to afk.

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