Upgrading the Mackinaw to a Combat Mining Barge

(DrysonBennington) #1

I like the fact that I can use two Ogre II’s with the Mackinaw but I think it should be beefed up.

The drone bay should be capable carrying at least four large drones or Sentries. The barge would lose a strip mining slot and would have a 12,500 m3 ore bay.

It would gain mid and low slot along with a rig slot.

The cost of the Combat Mining Barge would be expensive and cost around 300,000,000 ISK just for the hull.

Or maybe convert the Hulk into the same Combat Mining Barge since it has become very unpopular.

(Rivr Luzade) #2

Fly the Skiff instead.

(Darkblad) #3

(Mackinaw: Exhumer)

Get a Skiff. The Exhumer with combat capability.

Hulk is yield
Mackinaw is Comfort

(Max Deveron) #4

Holy crap Dryson…

a troll post? or you just proving how much a lame dummy you are?

yeah use a skiff

(DrysonBennington) #5

Obviously you calling someone else a dummy shows the base lack of having any type of intelligence at all.

You are the typical “Add Nothing New Troll.” Go back to your cave.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #6

Needs more scissors.

Also the combat capable exhumer is called a skiff.

(Your Ex-Girlfriend) #7

Aww, you beat me to the scissor reference. :sob:

(Max Deveron) #8

its more like a mud hut,

still different than the hole in the ground you all a home

(Your Ex-Girlfriend) #9

I’m sure it’s more of a hollow under the rock than a true hole.

(Count Szadek) #10

As stated before, This ship essentially already exists: Its called a Skiff:

For Reference:
Mining Barge: (Per Level)

  • 5% Bonus to Ship Shield HItpoints
  • 2% Reduction in Strip Miner and Ice Harvester Duration
    Exhumers: (Per Level)
  • 4% Bonus to All Shield Resistances
  • 2% Reduction in Strip Miner and Ice Harvester Duration
    Role Bonus:
  • 50% Bonus to Drone Damage and Hitpoints

Skiff can do this, and with the drone bonus, they are “beefed up”. Check

you can run 2 heavy/sentries but they are buffed by the role bonus by 50% so 3 effective. For reference, Skiffs can push 200DPS without a damage module fairly easily. So in effect: Check

Skiff Ore Hold: 15,000m3 … so more than Check

T2 ships have 2 rig slots, thats how it is. Skiff has 5 mids in addition 2 TWO shield bonuses (Can get EHP over 100,000 EHP on a T2 fit). Check

300mil is about the cost of a Skiff … check

Coveter / Hulk: Mining Yield (Use in Fleets with boosts and haulers)
Retriever / Mackinaw Ore Hold (good for solo)
Procurer / Skiff Combat/Defense Capabilities (use if danger is a muck)

(system) #11

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