Exclude barge/exhumer strip miners from activating in starter and career agent systems

One of the things I see a lot in my travels when going to/through new player starter systems or career agent systems is new players being unable to find asteroids to mine for their agent missions because individuals in Barges and Exhumers have stripped the belts out almost as soon as they spawn. These players are having a negative impact on new players by doing this. I think a possible remedy would be to prevent strip miners from being able to activate in those systems.

As the number of starter and career agent systems is limited, this wouldn’t impact industry in high sec, but would give new players a fair chance at accessing ores for their starter and career agent missions, whereas at this time, unless they are on right after downtime and a couple of hours after, they don’t stand a chance against these larger ships ran by players who mine these systems in them and strip them bare.

The fix: Concord has created a new system wide dampening field technology that interferes with strip miner activation protocols, and has deployed it in all starter and career agent systems ONLY, to allow proper training of new capsuleers in the mining and industry fields.

Re: NPC mining ships. Limit them to Ventures only in those systems as well.


Another alternative would be preventing strip miner activation in 0.9 and 1.0 systems. That would be my preference, but I know the reaction i’d get from people for daring to suggest they should be only allowed to operate in 0.8 and below systems where they are at greater risk.

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This is a good idea.

@Mike_Azariah - I think this is a subject for you.

We could change the NPE text to clearly indicate they might have to travel.
Ore being mined out like this is actually an issue of downtime spawning leaving some timezones weaker. If we are to solve something that is where the biggest point to fix is.
This proposal around limiting barges is instead just an arbitrary restriction to a non root ‘problem’

I like it, added to the Book, and thank you @Xeux



or activation of triggers the suspect timer.

activation of environmental degradation modules trespasses universally agreed upon concordat on the preservation of archaeological and historical home systems.

I personally would prefer faction police to enforce such a policy rather than concord but don’t see that happening.

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@Mike_Azariah @Zora_e
There is no need to mine in belts for career agent missions. I’ve done them more than once.

Nice idea, I like it.

I often see the question of empty belts pop up in rookie chat, hopefully this mitigates that and helps improve the NPE.

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I as a full time miner HS miner am ok with this. I don’t mine in newbee areas because it takes too long, but i do mine in .9 systems. I could drop to .8’s if required, but prefer not to because of above comment. I like my ships and don’t like to see them explode.

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or make bigger roids that only strip miners can mine, dont know if strips were released early in eves life or much later, but its never too late to add/change something about that part of mi- omega miners life, and they can still drone out for smaller rocks, possibly rng break off non-SM roids.

Then they are really wasting time, those roids are the most puny ever, AND they have in rookie systems “ASTEROID REMNANTS” where roids are quite spaced apart, leaving them suitable for a fast ship say a VENTURE!

Secondly NOTHING but nothing that a starter mission agent gives requires boat loads of Tritanium.

There is nothing to stop one from equipping a venture or even a BS with mining lasers and having a go, if they are using barges or exhumers in those areas then it’s because they are hiding out in a system to avoid a ganking, why don’t you leave these folks alone as they mine in the only place they think they are safe in alone.

Anomalies spawn in the rookie systems giving them plenty of veldspar and if they fly a venture then they have 2 drone capabilities and equipping combat drones to say DEAL WITH THE NPC PIRATES.

I love the pure BS that suddenly people are so concerned with rookie players and those poor, poor miners without a veldspar to mine, please, this is just another attempt to continue to ruin HS just to be a donkey, god you people are transparent!

I’d be happy if they implemented it in career agent systems only. Character starter systems, the characters get sent to the career agents anyway. So it would only really effect 12 systems. But as you can see, tears are already flowing from people who likely mine those systems.

Mine somewhere else and leave the career agent systems to the noobs. Plenty of other 1.0 and 0.9 systems you can mine in.

I agree, mining belts in a rookie system with a barge or exhumer is pretty lame considering the size of the rocks in the belts, but for one brief moment think about it, if it has increased (mining in rookie belts), blame it on CCP’s scarcity campaign, on the NPC locust fleets, and other changes, when CCP decides to pull one string in the mass it causes other problems to arise.

It is pathetic that suddenly these people act like they give a stinking cock a doodle doo about rookie miners, just another attempt to continue nerfing HS in some way and this is why eve IS NOT a sandbox, it’s a box with too many who have nothing going on in their world so they want others to be as miserable as they are.

I mine in high sec. I mission run in high sec, etc. I’ve lived in low, null, and wh’s, and currently live in high sec. There are approx 1200 high sec systems, and I am only really talking about preventing barges and exhumers from being able to mine in 12 of them because I’ve spent a fair bit of time in career agent systems talking to people, and I spend a lot of time in Rookie chat talking to people, and one of the consistent complaints of new players is there isn’t any ore in the asteroid belts, and often, not in the anomalies either. New players have a very limited tool set to make isk, and mining is one of them.

I started this game as a miner back when you mined in frigates (the venture didn’t exist) and cruisers and cargo ships, so I def get new players NEEDING that income stream to get a solid start in the game. And I really don’t think excluding 12 systems from barges etc so new players can get a solid start, is a bad idea. I know I spent weeks mining as a new player to be able to afford better ships and weapons to run missions with. Heck, I still pull out my skiff and suck down a few asteroids now and then, and my main alt character was skilled specifically as an Orca booster character. So I’m not being an ass or trying to get people ganked. I’m seriously thinking back to MY first few weeks in eve, and wanting new players to have the same chance I had, in the relative safety of the career agent systems.

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Nerf, this is the problem, always a nerf, never any real new idea to:

  1. Introduce rookies to other game play income streams at the same time encourage them to subscribe, why not teach rookies about PI by way of a 25m3 PI set up that mines their needed Veldspar and once they launch it and retrieve their ore it self destructs, this would teach them basics about PI while encouraging them to consider subscribing to continue PI.

Rookies have a CHT ton more income streams than you or I did way back when, Project Discovery, 1 completed scan on it gives 97,000 isk, while 1 full rookie ship gives 21,900 isk at the current showing price of 16.20 per unit.

Point is that rookies today get more income opportunities, free ships up to a destroyer including the skill books that go with them, isk for literally doing the tutorial, free skill points, etc.

I in no way begrudge them their opportunities or free stuff, you make it sound like they are completely homeless and broke with NO opportunities which simply isn’t the case.

I was in a rookie systems as I had a level 4 mission with roids, in local chat I invited ALL players to join my mission area, free boosting, good size roids with prox and salvaging, what I got was players telling rookies that I was scamming and baiting them, NOT ONE ROOKIE accepted my fleet up.

You say they are complaining, I don’t see that, you want rookies to flourish you shouldn’t keep them bottled up in a rookie system, they should be on the move as soon as they can, they should be thinking early on, not sitting in a system unhappy because the roid belts are empty, I don’t like my empty belts but I deal with it because I learned how not by CCP coddling me.

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Safe mining is not a design goal.

+1 on the idea, hiding in newbie systems and taking the limited ore is lame.

then bring some moon smashers and support us carebears:D… or are those instanced spots?

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