NPC miners empty belts in Career agent systems

Per title, no sure you want new players warping to empty asteroid belts. Noticed it in my tutorial and career agent system, went to another factions career agents and same thing, empty belts.

Returning player so I knew what was what, not sure newbies will when they see a fleet of retrievers or skiffs (each which I saw) and no asteroids.

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There is no reason for players to belt mine in the career systems. The agent missions spawn their own pockets and there are mining anomalies in these systems for new players who want to mine without leaving the nest. Generally there will be much better mining in lower security systems within a few jumps.

The NPC fleets are, for the most part, self directed - they go where they want. If they interfere with your plans, that’s probably working as intended!

Except for some of the industry missions, one specifically requires you to mine extra materials which are expensive to buy off the market, and what’s wrong with a newb deciding to go mine a bit extra whilst they’re learning, only to find empty space? What’s the point of these NPC miners being in starter systems? Its a simple fix to remove them.

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The first time I ran the career missions, I found no need to belt mine in system. I got some of the stuff requested by looting my wrecks, some only required tritanium and I had lots of that from missions, the cap boosters needed pyerite and mexallon - can’t mine that in the new player systems anyway so I had to go to a 0.7 system to find plagioclase. I got the frigate as a reward for one of the exploration missions. I watched YouTube walkthroughs which made it a lot easier but, I’m still here 5 years later so something clicked!

Those who want to mine anyway can find Asteroid Belt Remnants in their anomaly scanner. These were created long before the NPC fleets showed up because the normal belts in starter systems tended to be mined out anyway - gankers aren’t allowed to operate there.

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