First mission ever is mining / industrial but all 13 belts are 100% empty?

yeah my first mission i picked was industrial / mining?
i warped to 12 belts in the noob 1.0 zone and every single asteroid every single belt was completely mined out and gone…
hows a noob supposed to do this stuff on his first mission when a guy with a tier 2 mining barge screws the entire system over.
i asked the minmatar corp chat and they say its because of botters.
how long has this game been out and the starting zone botters haven’t even been taken care of…

You should warp to location given by your agent. Not belts. Even if you gonna mine at belts, you won’t finish mission.

That said, go few systems away and you probably will find some asteroids in belts.

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Another one with no staying-power, where do they all come from ?

Maybe they started playing EVE Echoes, and then came running into the waiting arms of EVE Online, not realizing her grin was a slasher’s smile, and that she had a rusty knife with serrated edges hiding behind her back?

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Belts only respawn at downtime and are unlikely to last long in high traffic systems. The risk/reward calculation makes them a poor choice for bots - far more likely they are cleaned out by new players flying Ventures.

As mentioned earlier, no mission agent will ask you to mine in a belt - they will all create a pocket specifically for the mission and give you a bookmark you can warp to. This is true for both the career agents and regular mining agents.

Edit: As for the people in chat - you’re in a starter corp. Most of them aren’t much older than you so accept their advice with caution. Rookie chat does have a lot of experienced players and ISD’s who are there specifically to help new players.


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