How to report a market bot?

I googled it and it shows how to report a bot, but it involves opening their character info sheet, which is not available in the market tables. You don’t see who is trading there with you, only their buy and sell orders. So how is it done?

sell something or buy something from them, get their name, report bot

Ah! OK, thanks.

I would approach this with two things:

  1. If the items being traded by the bot are of small enough value, buy qty one from their sell order which will show you the actual name of the character.
  2. Email with the information

There are no market bots.

That’s definitely not a bot… that’s our favorite soy boy leocaldari.

Ah I just realized that he’s splitting the stacks then selecting all the stacks and doing a multi sell order to get identical time stamps.

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