How to report a botter?

hi ccp,
you say we should report people who are cheating, but how we should know the name of the cheater, without buying items from him first? in my case here is definetly a cheater bot, that is updating his skillinjector orders 24/7. and the bot is so stupid, that he still update the order when there is nobody on the market(that is currently happening in nullsec in an keepstar), only the cheater… and i dont want to buy first an expensive item, to report and then dont know, is he banned or not…

next question, if it is so impossible to get catched, maybe someone can recomend some bots, because then it would be fair for all of us…(joke)

Open the character info window of that char -> click on the square in the top left corner of the window -> click on Report Bot. Done.

where can you see the name of the person who is trading on the market?

If you bought from them or they from you, you can right click the list entry in the Transactions tab in your Wallet and click on Client in the right click menu. If no transaction has taken place, you don’t know who a character is behind a market order.

yes… that is the problem i dont want to buy stuff from a cheater for 800 million to know his name…

What you have found is a Market Bot, which is not as bad as the other bots. I believe CCP are aware of these kind of bots.

we trust in god…
is there a reyly chance for this game, to make it secure against that broken ■■■■?

No game will ever be secure against cheating, the various video game companies can only make an effort in managing the damage they may cause. There will always be people who want what they can’t have, or spend the time needed to achieve what they seek.

CCP is doing what they can, it may not look as much in the grand scheme of things, it’s like a droplet in the huge ocean. The more you deny cheaters what they want, the more effort they will put into breaking the game to get what they want.

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Then drive his prices down first, and buy cheap? If it is a bot he will follow you.

But be careful with reporting, you may be kicked from your alliance for that betrayal.

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