How to start the game?!

Today, 07/06/2024 after your “lovely” update the button is unavailable! Instead of it I do see the message regarding this Vanguard that I don’t care at all!
There were a message in the upper part of the launcher about the update. I pressed it, the launcher has restarted and I see what is on the screen shot?

Do you check at all your updates?!

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I got the same issue.

Create a launch group. Only solution found thus far.

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SAme here, can not start the game. Must be something wrong with loginn

Great idea! Thanks for the temporary decision.

Create a launch group with yourself. See the message before. I have launched the game using this method.

Did they not test this update?

CCP, you dun goofed!

All setting are gone! CCP shame on you! Such a company cannot provide a correct update for its product.

Same problem. :confused:

We’re aware of the issue. A workaround to start the clients is detailed at 20240607 - Play Button Not Visible In Launcher

Here is the decision from CCP.

Very sorry to say, but there isn’t even a launch group tab…
(First day in eve after a long time…promising.


Launcher got an update. Thumbs up, at least it was fast.