[Resolved] 20240607 - Play Button Not Visible In Launcher

An update to the launcher today resulted in the Play button not being visible.

The launcher team are looking into the issue but in the meantime a workaround is:

  1. Open the Launcher Settings
  2. Click on the Launch Groups tab
  3. Create a new Launch Group with the accounts you would like to start.
  4. Once the Launch Group is created you can select the group from the bottom of the account list and click the Launch button.

We hope to deploy a fix for the issue asap. Thanks for your patience.

Update 14:08 - The launcher team hope to be pushing out a fix soon.
Update 14:39 - A new version of the launcher has been deployed. It should automatically be detected by the launcher and an update applied within the next few minutes.


I want to like the ‘new’ launcher, but this is death by 1000 cuts. Its a PITA to run under wine, just a few days ago someone in here found their installation directory was almost 4 times the normal size. Can we get a LTSC style ‘compact’ version that just, well, launches EVE ?


Next feature will probably be the launcher deleting important Windows files. Wouldn’t that be … hey, wait a minute!


its better than the boot ini. but really ccp where is the Q&A this is basic level stuff.

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[Updated Launcher, Login Button Disabled]
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II


I can’t find this, could you screen shot what i’m supposed to be looking for please!!

I see improvement, its a lot better than missing boot.ini

The launcher team hope to be pushing out a fix soon.

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that does not appear in my interface, sorry :frowning:
… i think maybe you have some sort of Dev-interface that we do not see?

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Are there no check list in your company before releasing your builds ?
I really don’t get how you release this update without being aware of the issue.
You can’t test your build without login buttons, that means …

you need to break the launcher by updating it to see it lol

Apparently launch groups only show up if you have more than one account added to the launcher :facepalm:


@CCP_Arcade was this a patch meant to nerf the SP reward from daily opportunities (from 10k to 5k) 1 week before Equinox, or is this also a mistake? I don’t see a patch note for this

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Ah i see, the “accidently force fed you the next vanguard playtest” good old switcharoo


“Oh sorry guys, we Accidently changed on accident the thing that this button you used every time you login does”

Image and links are what the “broken” buttons look like and lead to, they work just fine if you want to know more about vanguard.

thank you for the fix !

I was following the development of the new launcher from the beginning, and all that I can say is - the development team behind it is fantastic!

As a professional programmer myself (and team lead), after 15 years of work, I can see development decisions and effort behind most of the applications. What the Launcher team is doing is great.

The design is clean, UX is intuitive and utilitarian, there are backup systems in place for the most important parts (like the launch group and the launch button, as shown in this example), effective notification system,… the list goes on. And not only that - they are actually listening to player feedback and actively working on optimizations, mainly the management of backup and installation files.

Things like the current problem can happen in development, but a proper communication, effective notification system and a backup or workaround are all there. Of course, it would have been better if the problem was detected before launch, but I know that there can be multiple reasons why it wasn’t.

So, learn from the mistakes (it’s a big part of the job) and keep doing the good job.


A new version of the launcher has been deployed to resolve this issue. It should automatically be detected by the launcher and an update applied within the next few minutes.


yes it’s up now thanks. Yay!

Top Dev Tip: never deploy anything on a Monday or a Friday

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Launcher not “launching”…