How to stop capital proliferation? simple


Some of you youngbucks may not recognize but what you have here is ending clip (considered by many) one of best space games (space-sims) in history. Freespace 2.

We have moon mining.
We have Planetery Interactions.
Why not Star-… Banging ?


when I think about it even more, this could introduce something very unique to the game. Something never seen before:
Universe dynamics.

Stars evolve, die. Solar systems change over time. New stars form, making new solar systems. Game you see now may be very different in 2 years.

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Elite Dangerous is a more likely contender for that kind of thing.

EvE as astrophysics is like Game of Thrones as a history documentary.



I would totally for it. EVE K-space has about 5000 systems. We should be able to destroy most of those within a reasonable amount of time and render every system uninhabitable and unconnected.

Why does capital proliferation need to be stopped? What about frigate proliferation… does that need to be stopped too?

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Dumbass proliferation is rife, lets start there.


Yes, yes I could agree with that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i endorse this product
we still dont know why they destroyed the star… gaming mystery

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