How to Tame a Turtle is recruiting

Hey there Pilot, or should i say turtle. :turtle:
We are a new found corp (yeah right…so after 50% of the people left now, lets go on :smiley: )

We came together by accident pretty much. Two people who did not know each other came back to the game and had some alliance background and about the same goals and mindsets. We just randomly met while i was looking for a new home and he did the same and at first i thought he might wanna shoot me because it was in lowsec but instead i just said “hi” and we had a talk, since then we simply fly together. We both have high values for a player to be independent on how to spend their own time within a game. No fix rules on what ships to fly or who you need to contract certain things to or the need for someone else to do something for you. And this is pretty much the fundemental idea around the corp we then created. It should be less than a strict corp but more like a community, where people can do whatever they want to do at a given time with the options to fly together aswell. Therefore we dont have a fix activity we go for. We do exploration, we do piracy, we do gas mining, we do support spectre fleet, we do hauling and trading. We also established a local chat for our home region where everyone who´s not against each other is invited to hang around and chat, therefore we also do alot of social work and just talking with people around us. Some of who will join us and some who are in a complete different corp but they just live nearby and are part of the family. The Corpname we picked is a pretty good statement for what we want to achieve.

How to Tame a Turtle, you might ask? The answer to that is quite simple…You cant.
A Turtle is a quite fascinating creature and while it likes to be surrounded by other Turtles from time to time, overall a Turtle just does whatever the Turtle wants to do.

And thats a quite accurate explanation of who we are and what we want to achieve.

We are explorers at heart and we see high values in the ability to be independent.
Our Headquarter is based on a highsec island surrounded by a very interesting layout of regions and constellations.
We have a couple lowsec areas to go to and to alternate between, NPC nullsec is just a few jumps out aswell.
There are plenty of wormholes around and if things get nasty you can allways fall back to our highsec island.

That highsec island we call “Nest” from wich young Turtles hatch and take their steps out into the world, spreading around, exploring the area. There´s so much to do around here and if you want to, you can just Fleet-up with other Turtles,
jump into a wormhole or something like that. Be creative

We just have 3 basic rules, or lets say more of a codex.

  1. Dont shoot where you eat. That does not mean that you should not defend yourself or that youre not allowed to do pvp.
    But consider: Sometimes you want to do some pvp and sometimes you just want to get something done. So try to keep pvp away from the home systems so you and other Turtles can still do their thing without other people hunting them down.

  2. We want to be good neighbors. Having good connections to the locals can be both crucial and rewarding since sometimes it will open up new options for you. So if you see some new face in local, just convo him. Say Hi, ask how he´s doing, wish him a good day. Those things can really change things in a world of people not talking to each other. You ll get to know alot of different people.

  3. Allways remember: Turtles are simply CUTE as ■■■■

If you re interested in building something up from scratch instead of joining into an allready established corp, you re welcome to join us. You can either just hit me up ingame or you can join our local “Turtles and Friends” :parrot: :turtle:

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