How to transition to null sec as an industrialist

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for some advice on the best method to transition into null sec as a pure industrialist (focused on tech 2 production and PI factory planets) I generally get bored by the combat and mining mechanics of the game. The complexity of the market and production/logistics in this game is what keeps me playing.

I have been very succesful as a solo-corp the past year. The downside of the solo-corp experience is the near total lack of interaction with other people. While incursions were repetitive (just like missions), the voice chat leads me to join “Warp to Me” occasionally.

I have been looking into a way to gain that social interaction without losing access to the infrastructure I have become dependent on. It seems that if I want to gain better income gaining potential and access to an active voice chat, I need to consider either Sov-null sec or Wormhole space.

The biggest priority for me is access to low cost poco’s and the ability to purchase/refine moon goo. Is it correct to assume this would rule out many of the “renter” corps? How does somebody become a prospective new member of the larger sov-holding alliances in a non-combat role? Most of the discussions Ive seen tend to be about either ratting or rorqual mining, very little involves engineering complex usage.

I have the funding (and willingness) to operate a jump freighter if requested (assuming I have confidence in getting support from the alliance during operations)

Also I am about 45 days from finishing all skills required for piloting a carrier. The skills I am missing are the Jump Drive skills. The last step is picking the Racial Carrier skill. Which are the ideal hulls for PVP Carrier fleets? (the one part of PVP i do enjoy is the logistics/healer role).

If you are still mulling this idea and have yet to get out to null, toss me a mail in game and let’s see what we can do to get you into the action and or producing your shiny toys.

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