How to uninstall the game on Win 10?

Hi, I tried the game on my surface pro. It’s too lame and I want to uninstall it but didn’t find a uninstall.exe and no entry in the app list. What to do now? :thinking:

Well, you could check the file system and nuke the folders.

Assuming Windows still lets you manage your own filesystem.

You just uninstall EVE via Apps & Features. And then delete everything that is left in your EVE installation folder and in the appdata folder because I don’t know if uninstalling EVE only really removes the launcher or every file in the installation folder. :man_shrugging:

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I find it amusing Microsoft overcomplicated and obfuscated the basic notion of a user’s “home” folder.

Why is it complicated? Technically, if you are a daft-know-nothing, Windows installs everything in one place on one drive, typically C/program files. Personally, I hate this and install things on different partitions and different folders to have a better organization of things.

Program Files, ProgramData, Program Files x86, AppData, User, Roaming, Local, RoamingLow…

Yup, basically obfuscated $HOME

Eh, you only need to care about the installation folder and not so much about anything in Appdata. Although I have to admit that I hate apps like discord even more that don’t allow me to chose an installation folder and just install into appdata or program files.

Yeah technical legacy baggage and accounting for enterprise use cases is like going shopping with grandma in the trolly.

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