HP Scan Jammer and Booster

Have you ever thought about how your ship is able to determine what the HP (Shield, Armor, Hull) of an enemy ship is? Every ship must have some kind of in-built scanner that determines target HP.

What if you could add a module that increased the difficulty of someone determining your HP during battle. If the enemy ship doesn’t have the enough HP scan boost level then they will not be able to see your health (perhaps an animation in the health display bar that shows the reading fluctuating all over the place to make it clear that your scans are jammed)

It would add the potential for an interesting aspect of information wars in PvP battles. Most fittings would probably not be willing to shell out a slot for such a device but it could prove useful in certain scenarios.

I believe the ships show different textures when they get damaged, so perhaps someone being jammed could zoom in on the target and look at the texture on the ship for more information.

One further idea to make the module more useful would be to have a higher level version of the jammer that actually provides false HP readings. Maybe it could be set to show some fraction or multiple of your current HP damage, so that your opponent would think you are dying faster or slower than you actually are.

This mechanic could be more annoying than it is useful, but I think it would be pretty fun. It would boost the adrenaline in battle if you couldn’t tell how much damage you were actually doing to your opponent, and generally keep people on their toes when engaging in fights where the enemy might have a jammer equipped.

Any other thoughts on this mostly just for fun idea?

Rule of thumb for the EVE forums. Whenever someone uses the word “interesting” in their idea, it’s a terrible idea.

This is a terrible idea.

Nobody would ever use this. The value of a module slot is way more than the minor value of giving misleading HP information.

This can he done by breaking lock btw.

Sensor damps. Ecm. Stuff like that.

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