(Graelyn) #1

I thought things were relatively calm up there.

The Theology Council opened the doors to a entire new arm of sacramental study, so much work to be done among the clergy right now. Exciting new work.
NEW work.
Do you understand how rare and wonderful that is among our line of labors?
Do you?

But no. There’s troubles now. The kind that can actually ripple out and interrupt Greater Things.

Fine. My 1stGen implants might still function…

But remember, this is your fault.

Trimarch Cardinal Emeritus

(Vlad Cetes) #2

Need a new implant set, Cardinal?

(Aldrith Shutaq) #3

Ave, Cardinal. You have a bit to catch up on.

(Deitra Vess) #4

Otto’s back?!?!?


(Aldrith Shutaq) #5

No, he’s just complaining that things are happening and interrupting the work he’s doing in his monastery.

(Deitra Vess) #6

Ahh, that makes a lot more sense honestly. You do have to admit it seemed like something he’d say for a second.

Maybe it’s just me…

(Teinyhr) #7

Waddup old fart. I thought you were dead.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #8

However much fun it would be to think otherwise, I suspect this’ll be another slight stirring of the slumber, then retreat back into silence once more.

(Che Biko) #9

Namas, Graelyn.

I hope you brought along some wisdom.
Don’t forget to add another owner of The Summit before you return to your studies.


(Gaven Lok'ri) #10

Hrrmm. That is really quite the fascinating title you are claiming these days.

(Graelyn) #11

The Emeritus thing? It means ‘former’, Lord Admiral. I do not purport to speak for or claim any position in your corporation’s current clerical structure.

Hey, great to see you too, Old Friend…

(Gaven Lok'ri) #12

Trimarch raised my eyebrow, not emeritus.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #13

What is a ‘trimarch’ in this context?

(Kalaratiri) #14

I think he means “three time”.

(Louella Dougans) #15

Well, at least he didn’t use “Thrice”.

everyone I’ve ever seen that used “thrice” was a bit out there.

(Gaven Lok'ri) #16

I think he does too. Which is very interesting given that PIE, at least, only acknowledged his priorly claimed title from the days of CVA and AM.

He certainly has never been a Cardinal of PIE. Lady Admiral Newelle allowed him to keep his previously claimed Cardinal title as a courtesy while in PIE, but that is not what this strange trimarch title implies.

It is admittedly a bit petty of me to call him on it. But then it’s a bit petty for him to try to use a brief stint in PIE to burnish his reputation on yet another grandstanding return.

(Valerie Valate) #17

You’re not getting the phrase “dark times” back, you know.

I called dibs on it.

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