[HS][EU/US] Investtan Inc. - A company of industrialists and miners

Investtan Inc. - A company of industrialists and miners [HS, EUTZ/USTZ]

About Us

We are a band of capsuleers building our own home and stories together. Primarily engaged in industry and mining, we love a good rock bashing session, but are up for a bit of everything, when the mood kicks in. We are a laid back group that takes things as they come.

Timezone: EUTZ and USTZ.
Location: Within 15 jumps of Amarr

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for active pilots that are in it for the long haul and enjoy some of the same things as us - mining and construction projects. You like to help out your corpmates succeed and share your experience in New Eden with others.

  • All SP levels are welcome - From the most experienced veterans to fresh capsuleers straight out of the AIR Labs.
  • An interest in mining, industry and mission running, as these are our core activities and ways of making ISK to finance everything else.
  • Ability to communicate in English and a Discord account, so you can receive pings and other information. Voice is not required.

What we offer

We might not be the biggest corporation yet, but we are ready to offer you:

  • Access to a 24/7 moon mining fleet with two daily R4 pops. Near our home system you can find ice belts, low security belts and empire border belts. TL;DR a miner’s paradise.
  • Free ships for players under 30 days old making it easier to relocate and get into mining, missions and exploration. We will get you setup quickly.
  • Buyback programs at 90% Jita buy rate, so you can easily sell your goods at in our home systems withou the hassle of taxes and hauling.
  • A friendly community of pilots with mixed experience levels, where we are still learning new things about the game every day.

Sounds like something for you? Please reach out to us in-game by either applying directly to the corporation, Investtan Inc., or sending me, IGN: Sita Ghekon, a mail. Feel free to also join our Discord.

We are looking forward to flying with you!

Still recruiting! Find your rock in life!

We are still actively recruiting and onboarding new industrialist to our ranks. So if you have a passion for mining and producing ships, modules and ammo, so everyone else can get blown up - we are the right place for you.

And don’t worry… we aren’t standing still. In the coming weeks we are adding more production capabilities, so you can produce all the things your heart desires.

Send me a message, apply directly or join our Discord to learn more!

Looking to get started with industry?

If you are looking to dip your toes into your first manufacturing jobs - we might be the place for you. With new corporation projects up for simple modules, everybody can get involved in building out our corporation and its ships - regardless of experience.

Want to learn more? Send me a message, apply directly, or join our Discord!

Still recruiting! Come search our library!

We are a corporation of industrialists and looking to get you on the way to becoming one as well. Recently, we launched a new service, where all members can request BPCs from the corporate collection - so you can get a head start on your first manufacturing projects.

Looking to learn more? Send me an in-game mail!