HS Gankers

Indeed most gankers try to avoid appearing on killboards to not give intel about their operations away.

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Honestly if you’re just culling the herd, most are too busy grazing on asteroids to glance up at the lion barreling towards them.

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This happened to one of my Alts, same ship, same place. You know, it is kind of like real life mate, you shouldn’t be robbing banks and there are plenty of Laws to deter that, but it still happens. The Jita Campers are bringing stability to Eve like it or not, without bad behaviour and Law breaking what fun would Eve be if everybody followed the Rules?? And if Eve was safe it wouldn’t feel real because real life isn’t safe, part of why Eve is addictive is because it reflects the dangers of real life that keep us on our toes…

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The description of a prowler on the wiki reads:

“Blockade runner transports are the fastest type of industrial available. Utilizing sturdy but lightweight construction materials and sacrificing some cargo space, these haulers are able to reach speeds greater than those of a cruiser while withstanding heavy fire - factors which make them ideal for zipping through dangerous territories with valuable cargo.”

That’s a load B.S. These things are horrible for the cost IMO. 170m for a cloaky T2 hauler that can only carry 3200m3 of cargo and can be popped by a single salvo fired from a Tornado gank fit. Who cares if they are immune to cargo scans? The price tag of the hull alone makes them worth ganking. IMO, these things really need 4 mids and 3 rig slots.

True, but I will always use the prowler because 99% im invisable. But you know, sometimes you just get caught at Jita lol.

lol what are cargo expanders and cargo rigs

lol what are instaundock/instadock bookmarks, also it’s possible to get them to tank a tornado volley

would do nothing to adress your concerns except maybe the 3rd rig slot
any good player who makes use of them will tell you that they are super handy as they are

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set an insta undock and you shouldn’t get ganked leaving jita. I frequently fly a Prowler out of Jita and have never been ganked leaving or docking at the station.

I did get ganked once in low-sec, as I started warp at a gate too close to another capsuleer. Align time of about 4 secs gave them a narrow window to lock and blap me… Is what it is. In retrospect I should have payed more attention and waited for them to move their ship during gate cloak timer so that I could properly cloak after initiating warp.

Have always loved the Prowler though. If you use it correctly, its a great way to move sub-8000m3 anywhere in high/low-sec you might need it.

Yep, the prowler is worth every ISK it costs.

That’s because those fits are anti tanked.
My blockade runner can tank 2 alphas of nados, while keeping 4s (IIRC) align and cloak.

insta undock does not prevent your from a bad exit ( though they need to be able to lock you under 1s). Insta dock does not prevent you from being alpha’d at a gate because you could not cloak .

I don’t speak for others but yeah they are, for me.
They can still die but it’s very rare to be in such a bad situation - unless you jump jita-perimeter.

redock and undock, or maybe even have multiple instaundocks if you have a kickout station

fairly specific situation and as you said

some risk should be there, blockade runners aren’t invincible in null either (granted, jfs fill that role there)

if there are too many people you don’t know if you are on correct align or not.
Especially since sometimes it takes close to 1min to load the grid.

Stop being lazy. Use the tank hauler, move like 50k of stuff out of 4-4 to instant and dock at one of the other stations. There are like 18 stations in Jita, make one into a secondary pit stop and swap cargo. Cloak haulers are not fool proof, buddy of mine lost one in the trade pipe and the gank idiots only got 50 mill worth of loot which is what he was carrying.

If you buy a BR, then fit it and fly it like one. Nowhere is safe. Un-dock warp-offs, alternate routes and always Align-MWD-Cloak; never click WarpTo. The exception is clicking the Dock button for Jita IV-M4. If you lag at the station and get blapped, you can at least get the ship and destroyed contents back. CCP will not return scooped loot, though. Transfer at secondary stations in the Jita system is viable, too, because all of the gankers are over at IV-4.


Can someone point me in the direction of a article or post for the type of fits (Tornado). Ive been ganked twice in 24hours and if you can’t beat them, join them!! haha

Pretty cool that a 24 day old alt made 500million off me (subject to drops) and seems pretty easy income.

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Lion is a stretch. I’d go with hyena.

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Pilots are unable to eject while modules are in active cycle and that Tornado would have the turrets still in cycle before CCord destroyed it for attacking your ship in HS.

At least I don’t believe it is possible to save a ship like that.

WTF are you smoking? Blockade runner can cloaky warp… align-mwd-cloak is very bad advise on blockade runners…


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