(HS/LS) Aurora Encarnus looking for more pilots - Fly with Empires Best -

Welcome noble Capsuleers!

Aurora Encanus is Amarr loyalist corporation that is curently recruting new pilots to defend Amarr Empire against all of its threats.

We want to become noted Loyalist corporation. As we are new corporation we need more players helping us acheave that.

What do we offer:

  • Quiet system for both PvE activities (L3/L4 Missions), and/or Mining, doing PI.
  • Ore buy back program.
  • Access to corporation BP’s for manufacturing.
  • Free T1 Ships given to new players trying out new carriers.
  • Chill enviroment to enjoy all aspects of game.
  • Discord Server

We are looking for:
Amarr and Caldari Characters that can learn to fly doctrine fits.

  • No drama.
  • Pilots willing to help us grow.
  • PvE pilots
  • PvP pilots
  • Miners and Industralists
  • Warhammer fans :slight_smile:

Join Empires best. Apply NOW!

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