HS Mining/Indy Corp recruiting all Pilots

Pratorian Space Industries is working to build a corp that is based in high sec with a mining/industry focus. We envision this corp migrating as neccessary to fulfill orders of ores, ships, and fittings. The corp will utilize the wormhole network to operate in all areas of New Eden reguardless of sov or ownership. If this sounds like an adventure your interested in joining and building with us contact a recruiter today or join our in-game channel: PSI Outreach

What we Offer:
★Orca Boosted mining fleets daily
★Ore buyback Program
★Ship replacement Program
★New Pilot Training
★0% Reprocessing Tax
★Moon Mining
★US/EU time zone
★discord: https://discord.gg/JtHG67

Jon-Luc Picard

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