HSBB Security Deposit - Marc Gateraux

This is a public record of a security deposit of 3b ISK.

The reason for this security deposit is that Highsec Buyback will give corporation wallet access to Marc Gateraux, to take on a job as contract manager.

@Marc_Gateraux please transfer 3.15b ISK to @Eden_Trade (3b deposit plus the 5% fee of 150m). HSBB will reimburse the 5% fee to Marc Gateraux.

The deposit shall be paid back when Marc Gateraux resigns from his position. The security deposit shall be paid to Highsec Buyback, when proof can be provided that Marc Gateraux took 3b ISK or more from Highsec Buyback without paying it back. Proof will be given as screenshots to the public, and as API access to Eden Trade.

Proof of a security deposit of 3.15b ISK by @Marc_Gateraux to @Eden_Trade to secure Marc Gateraux’s access to Highsec Buyback’s corporate wallet in his role as a contract manager for Highsec Buyback per the above terms:

@Eden_Trade has confirmed the transaction.

Reimbursed the fee to @Marc_Gateraux

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