HTML and colours on profiles

When you call up the information on a member of a corporation (from the list of members), if you’re a director or the CEO, you can edit the information to give a title to the member.

At the moment I’m trying to colour code members so that when I’m looking at the member list I can quickly identify Probationers, Journeymen, Veterans and Seniors.

I’ve found the HTML that will let me do this ’ <color=colour name>Title ’ but not all the colours on the colour name list that I’ve found (via this Eve University Page: Overview manipulation) namely, HTML Color Names work in Eve.

So the short question after this long intro (sorry!) is, is there a list of colour names somewhere out there that do work in Eve please?



So I went through the colours within the game, copied off the HTML formatting, and then made a list.

To save others from the hassle of having to do this, here’s my list complete with the opening HTML you need to insert this into text (if you want to kill it you need to insert the same HTML with a / just after the first < mark)


Light Grey

Dark Grey





Royal Blue

Dark Yellow

Dark Green

Dark Red

Dark Blue

Dark Pink




Have you tried hex codes like #FF8844? (haven’t tried myself}

Hex codes work. I don’t recall if the hash (or pound sign, depending on your generation) is necessary, though.

0xFFRRGGBB is the appropriate format iirc.

So color=0xFFFF0000 should give you red.

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