Hull reps and hull tank

Wonder if ccp will ever make Hull reps viable option like it used to be I remember when we could use Hull reps/tank more better than they are now


Only if Smartbombs do real damage again.
But “good ol’ days” is another part of the forums, I’m afraid.

The weakness in hull reps is by specific design, as a result of hulls having equivalent resists across all damage types, giving them an ability to have a significant hull tank without much weakness.

CCP Fozzie has commented on this somewhere and I’ll see if I can find it.

EDIT: [AEGIS] The Hecate - Player Features and Ideas Discussion - EVE Online Forums


mines would be good to be back

understandable and thank you for the link but still its horse crap that its just beyond weak

What was real Smartbomb damage? Did they nerf it in the past?

Something like that: Eve Online - Smartbombing Miners (replaced music due to copyright claim) - YouTube
Miners may disapprove.

I only see 300 dmg max from the bombs, which is the same as now. Maybe powercrept, but not nerfed?

Ships have increased tank from before, which although didn’t change smartbombs was a stealth nerf to them.

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