Huola VII Field Updates

Breaking News

  • Multiple Deathglow Attacks Against Amarr Towns and Industrial Concerns with “Heavy Casualties” Reported on Huola VII
    -------- Reported by the Scope

Reports are true, multiple population centers have been affected.

Mountainous areas have been affected due to aerosol clouds reaching elevations over 1000 meters. Our command and control records show aerial disbursement of a Deathglow/Insorum cocktail.

Black Hand operations have been curtailed due to quarantine measures for Minmatar clone soldiers. Three known cases currently under observation and treatment, control implants currently operational and they are still alive. How alive is questionable.

The LaGrace holdings are formally requesting Sarum and Khanid forces to aid in pacification efforts. Generous terms are also available for mercenary forces to augment and supplant Black Hand pacification efforts.

Orbital imagery is showing two villages burnt out due to rioting and pacification efforts. Further deployments to be made based on need.

This disease will be burnt out.

We will find those who launched these weapons. They will not be brought to justice. They will be eliminated. This attack upon us will not go unpunished.

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Recovery efforts have found the wreckage of an Imperial Armaments chemical weapons delivery rocket. Identifying marks are being traced to find where this rocket was sourced from.

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