HUSH is looking for corps for new HS/LS alliance

Come check us out and send some ships to the scrapyard

Looking for all types of corp to join our alliance

Come help us destroy our foes

Looking for corps who want a chill group to have fun with.

Uppin this ■■■■■

Looking for small corps that want to grow and want to join a good community

Looking for corps in the US and EUtz. We can help small corps grow. Minimum 5 active individuals

Come join our alliance and teach for the stars

Still looking for corps

Come join us and join a great community

Join us

still looking for corps

Looking for corps in US and EU tz. Minimum 5 active players

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Join Calmils 4th largest content alliance. Indy, pve, pvp, fw corps wanted. US/EU/AU

We can help small corps grow

HUSH is growing come be a part of it today


Calmil focused alliance, individual enlistment by plenty of action. Pvp, indy and mining Corps eyebrows. US/EU tz.

Looking to have a chat. We may be interested in joining the alliance

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Come join a new and growing alliance.