HUSH is looking for corps for new HS/LS alliance

Bumper cars

Come join a mature relaxed community…or dont Im not your mother.


Look at this guy! This guy right here! What a guy! The elegance of a figure skater and the voice of Katie Perry! What a guy!!!

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Looking for US/EU/AU corps who want to build a respected yet enjoyable place to play Eve. FW, PVP, INDY/Mining Corps wanted. Minimum 5 active players

no whammy no whammy no whammy

“People will line up to come join the least toxic alliance in eve.” -Time Magazine.

Join the alliance voted best body odor by GQ Magazine.

Still looking for quality folks.

Join the best alliance in eve… well we think so anyway

Come see us for fun drama free content

Looking for corps. Message me for details

Alliance has all sorts of levels of sweaty entertainment. Come check us out.

Alliance voted best in smell

Join today! Like… now is good.

You an indy Corp? You a fw Corp? You a pvp Corp? Why aren’t you here? Chill group looking to grow our forces and content.

Were here, we fear… taco bell gorditas.