HUSH is looking for corps for new HS/LS alliance

We are The Syndicate of Silence and we are a brand new alliance looking for like minded corps to join us and help us make a name for ourselves in HS/LS.

The Order of Omerta is the founding Corp and we are focused on FW fleets and small gang pvp (and do some mining/indy stuff) and offer a drama free place to enjoy eve without all the ■■■■■■■■ and toxicity. We put RL first and understand life’s surprises, not to say we don’t have goals and ambitions though. We enjoy team based activities and building our relaxed and accepting community.

We are looking for corps with a similar mindset and team based philosophy. We enjoy making a difference in FW and love to do pvp fleets (except big blob fleets, yuck) and are in need of killers, miners and indy corps to build up a strong alliance and community in eve.

If you like joining coms and joking with people who have your back then come talk to us and let’s see if we can build something people will want to join.

Only ask your Corp have a minimum of 5 active players before applying.

Those interested come by and let’s talk The Syndicate of Silence
Come join HUSH.


Looking for pvp, fw and indy corps for HS/LS alliance.

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Looking for fw, pvp and indy corps

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What space do you guys fly in?

We are about 9ish jumps from jita

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I’ll be home in about an hour y’all have comms or discord?

Message me in game discord is still being worked out settingup roles. We’re that new. The Order of Omerta come by our Corp server and when I’m off work we can chat

Join the alliance soon to be voted best in hygiene.

XLostcauseX is recruiting new/old/returning players for Nullsec action! EU/USTZ take a look at our corp recruitment is open for all players

Join a tight knit relaxed community and help grow it

Help us build an empire

FW, pvp, and indy corps come join us and create a better alliance

I’ll message you in game.

Ok I’ll look for your message

Looking for FW, pvp and indy corps to grow new HS/LS alliance

Come join today

Still looking

The corp and alliance is going gangbusters. We’d also like to bolster the AU and EU time zones. I’m in the AU and happy to have a chat with you if you’re interested in finding out more.

Hit me up in game or use The Syndicate of Silence discord.

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Bumpy Johnson

Hey @Kartan_Vengari - could you PM me on Discord? MrJ4zzy