HUSH is looking for corps for new HS/LS alliance

Bump it up

Still recruiting corps

very active player base. Lots of great content for old and newbros alike. come join the fun and leave your pants in the dresser drawer!

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Very active and moving in the right direction. Bring your corp to the alliance and be successful along side us.

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one team one dream. Great allliance to nestle a corp into.

Still looking for corps

Come join the fight

Much good! Very Bump!

Looking for EU and UStz corps…would love an AU corp but I know Im dreaming

Come join the fun

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Bump it

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if you like what you see here but you dont have a corp
then we have space for you in this alliance

hope we can have a talk on discord

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Come join the fun


Still looking for corps who want to make the most of their eve time


Looking for corps with minimum 5 active players. Looking for EU and US corps. Emphasis on EU.

All tz welcome

Looking for all tz. Great alliance. Very helpful