>>>>>HYPER PIVOT<<<<< into content! [Low-Sec] [WH] [USTZ] [Piracy]

RECRUITMENT VIDEO: Hyper Pivot Into Content: https://youtu.be/NMh81tzvodk?si=y6S8UDG7w822bm-r
Our Zkill: Hyper Pivot | Corporation | zKillboard

Hyper Pivot has been a member of the Intergalactic Space Hobos alliance since its inception. Our group focuses on hyper agressive content. We regularly find ways to exert force in the sandbox - from smaller content of Faction Warfare roaming as non - aligned pirates, ransom and extortion operations, to full on wormhole evictions. Eve is a big game - and the skill gap seems intense.

We offer pilots a way to join this group from any skillset or experience in eve, from newbros looking to find their niche in the sandbox, to those looking for a change of pace. Our group is casual in nature, and we instill growth and instruction. Those who are new to the content focused lifestyle are assigned mentors in our group, so they can learn the ropes.


  • Lowsec content - piracy, roaming, looting and ransom

  • FW raids as neutral parties to either help or hinder empire factions

  • Wormhole day tripping and fights, Wormhole Extortion Operations

  • Black Ops Content

  • Stratop alliance level fleet content

  • Industry and isk making opportunities


  • Active in comms, fly with the group

  • Active Omega clone status

  • Mature, no drama

For recruitment join our DISCORD, Hyper Pivot or send a message to Dankpancakes Buelle in game. You can also head into the HyPiv Smoking Lounge channel in game - our corps public channel



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