>>> HYPER PIVOT <<< Into Content! [Lowsec/PvP] [Newbro Oriented]

Hyper Pivot is recruiting players of all skill levels! We are a member corperation of the Intergalactic Space Hobos. We foster a corporation looking to give new players a place to learn eve in the freshest part of the sandbox - lowsec.

Instead of getting new players on the treadmill of ratting fits and doctrine SP guides, we provide an open and FUN place to learn the game! Always looking for vets as well if you want a change of pace in the game.

Lowsec content - piracy, roaming, looting and ransom

Wormhole day tripping and fights

Stratop alliance level fleet content

Industry and isk making opportunities

Guides and tips to help you grow in your experience in Eve Online


15m Skill-point minimum (can be waived on circumstance)

Active in comms, learning

Actice Omega Clone Status

Mature, no drama

For recruitment join our DISCORD: Hyper Pivot , or send a message to Dankpancakes Buelle in game. You can also head into the HyPiv Smoking Lounge channel in game - our corps public channel.

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